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Thu Dec 4 15:05:30 EST 1997

> We have a Unix Sun Sparc 20 for Internet access with a T-1 line.  During
> the summer, we hired a consultant to upgrade the operating system from
> OS to Solaris 4.3.1.  After that, we have trouble setting up new
> accounts.  When people dial into the account, the annex won't accept the
> passwd, but  there is no problem if using telnet to get into the
> account.  Solaris is an unknown system to us, we have exhaused our
> resources.  
> Does anybody on the list have a clue?  Any help will be greatly appreciated. 

I ran this one by our sysadmin, and this was his answer:

 This is not a Solaris problem but an annex problem. I assume that you
 have the annex terminal server set up to use the same passwords as
 the solaris machine. You need to add the users to the annex passwd
 file as well as the solaris passwd file. The annex manuals or annex
 support will probably tell you how.

Hope this helps. (tm)

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