Online Educator's Weekly Super Sites for December 1, 1997

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Hello From Online Educator,

Here are the five Education Super Sites for the week of December 1,1997
from The Online Educator, creators of "Point, Click and Teach.".

1. Internet Resources

Learn how to put your class on the Internet with SO, YOU WANT TO MAKE A WEB

After your students learn how to use the Internet for research, they will
be ready to use it as a publishing medium. There's no reason why they can't
publish their research projects for the entire world to see. Web publishing
isn't particularly difficult, but there are tricks that can save you a lot
of time and energy. This Web tutorial will show you all the shortcuts while
explaining the process thoroughly.

2. Math

Teach yummy math lessons with COOKIE RECIPE.

Turn your next math lesson into a yummy experience by using Cookie Recipe,
a ready-to-use lesson from American Cookie Recipes. Your kids will learn
basic math skills as they multiply recipes to feed more and more people.

3. Internet Resources

Help teach your students all they need to know about the Internet with

Sure, the Internet can be a great classroom teaching tool, but only if your
students actually use it. Get them up to speed quickly with these Internet
Lesson Plans from Canada's SchoolNet. They will walk your kids through the
basics and take them all the way to the advanced lessons in
easy-to-understand  byte-sized lessons.

4. Reference

Find just about anything you're looking for in the EDNET GUIDE TO USENET

When you're looking for information, it pays to talk to the people who
already know what you're trying to find out. Where can you find those
people? Online, the best place to look for them is in newsgroups and
listservs. This list will connect you to hundreds and hundreds of the best
educational resources available on the Net. It's as close to just-add-water
research you'll probably find anywhere.

5. Tools for teachers

It's not too early to start planning for summer seminars from the NATIONAL

Every summer, the National Endowment for the Humanities conducts special
seminars and training sessions for K-12 teachers. The curriculum covers a
broad range of topics and the programs are open to teachers from public and
private institutions. Check out next summer's offerings at this URL and
e-mail the appropriate section leader for more details. If you're selected
to participate, you'll be eligible for a stipend to help cover your travel
and attendance costs. But don't delay. The March 1 deadline is closer than
you think!

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