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Elisabeth Roche eroche at sisna.com
Sun Dec 21 14:39:56 EST 1997

I subscribed to this company's e-newsletter when I was investigating their
promotions offerings.

Apologies if this seems inappropriate to post here, but this issue does
talk about the e-mail encoder for your web pages. Supposedly put the code
in your html source and the e-mail extractors can't capture your e-mail

I asked my sysop about this and he said, "People will always find a way
around this and any other program or remedy people think up."

But, FYI- nonetheless.

Elisabeth Roche Roche Internet Resources and Research Tucson, AZ
(520)320-5933 eroche at sisna.com
serendipity RULES!

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>Subject: SITEingUP #9
>SITEingUP - A free service of SiteUp Internet Promotions
>December 21, 1997
>Issue #9
>Happy Holidays to everyone!  This week's issue is actually a
>series of picks on the same subject.  I've compiled a list
>of SPAM reducing sites.  The first will help you avoid it,
>the second will help you deal with it, and the last will
>help you laugh about it.  Enjoy.
>To avoid SPAM:
>mailto Encoder
>The encoder was written by my company as a preemptive strike
>on the spammers.  The Encoder formats your E-mail address in
>an unreadable format.  Just insert the code in your HTML
>page and robots will not be able to extract your address.
>To deal with SPAM:
>NoSpam Page
>This page by MMG has a very useful technique for dealing
>with SPAM if it happens to reach your E-mail box.  It shows
>you how to set up filters to move SPAM out of your regular
>What to do now:  (humor)
>Snark - Commercial E-mail Service
>Oh just read it, it's hysterical!
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