imagemaps in Lynx

Sara Weissman/Morris Cty Library WEISSMAN at
Sun Dec 21 13:08:42 EST 1997

The blunt answer is: it is getting harder and harder to use much of the
web in Lynx...but! you can leave your imagemap in place if users have
Lynx 2.6 and up. Lynx is still the primary browser here, in our system...
imagemaps come up as ISMAP USEMAP ..and the usemap link gives a list of
all the URLs, from which you can pick and connect. When we changed our
front page navigation to imagemap we put the traditional text links
at bottom of page and instituted a sort of sitemap (QuickFind)
move is going to be XeoMenu, for floating submenus of choices (see
JAMA page at for this *very nice* applet).

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