Word 97 HTML output (was: Re: HTML 4.0 Approved

Charles P. Hobbs transit at primenet.com
Thu Dec 18 20:31:59 EST 1997

> Random thoughts on the subject (and I'll warn you that I'm running a mild
> fever):  I had the, er, "opportunity" today to revise a document which my
> boss had imported from HTML into Word 97 and then saved back into something
> with a .htm file extension.  It was a rat's nest of mis-nested tags,
> extraneous paragraphs, and generally chaotic markup. 

A few months ago, I had the "good fortune" to edit a .htm file created
with the "Save As HTML" option from Word 97.

My first thought, on seeing the "output" wa, "I thought *Front Page* threw
a lot of extra junk (stuff like empty bold tags and so forth) but this is
an editor's *nightmare*!"

Each line was marked up as a single paragraph, or some such nonsense.

I'll continue to markup by hand, with an occasional authoring tool (right
I'm using Corel WebDesigner, and it doesn't seem to put in nearly as much
junk as Word 97)

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