HTML 4.0 Approved, and Unicode

Robert Rasmussen ras at
Thu Dec 18 17:13:56 EST 1997

Thanks for the notification.

I recently commented (on this list, I think!) in the context of web page
translation, that I thought HTML had no way of dealing with "foreign" 
(depending on your point of view) character entities. As Thomas points out,
HTML 4 standardizes on Unicode (same as ISO 10646). It does this in a way that
is backward compatible with earlier schemes. This holds great promise for
international and other cross-language access. 

For those interested in Unicode issues, let me save you some time. Although
information about Unicode is available (, you won't
find the actual standard (character maps, glyphs, etc.) there. For that you
need an actual BOOK (with CD-ROM): ISBN 0-201-48345-9

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