spober at manvax.cc.manhattan.edu spober at manvax.cc.manhattan.edu
Wed Dec 10 22:09:04 EST 1997

What with the big Dell v. Gateway thread, I wondered about some of
the other brands, specifically Hewlett Packard.  We are considering
getting HP Vectras for the next order.  Their reputation for reliability
and quality is good (but then, that's what they said about Dell, and 
I've had awful luck with them.)

So...anyone out there using HP's?   Are you satisfied with them?

I wonder if any company that is making computers has thought about 
making some heavy duty units that are specifically designed for the 
hard use that public access pc's get.  Sort of like those military-spec 
computers  used in Desert Storm that were supposed to withstand heat 
and sand...er, come to think of it, that didn't work out so well...

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