Clearing of the cache

Michael Sauers msauers at
Wed Dec 10 10:07:08 EST 1997

If you set the cache to 0kb then Netscape will not keep a cache at all.
However this slows down the user's session.  If you have a 5000kb (5mb)
cache then once it becomes full Netscape will start automatically deleting
old stuff to make room for new stuff.  You can set this reasonable small to
allow the user to have a cache , but the next user will still be able to
look in it. A line in the autoexec.bat will delete the cache but only when
you boot the computer.  Are you willing to do that after each user if that
is what you wish to accomplish?

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>I need some help in developing an explanation on why the cache should be
>cleared in Netscape.  I firmly believe in putting a line in the
>autoexec.bat to clear it automatically.  However, this individual seems
>to think that Netscape takes care of this itself by setting the cache
>size in properties.  My experience says this isn't true, but I cannot
>explain exactly why.  Without a more "techie"  explanation, I cannot
>argue my case convincingly with this individual.  Any help would be most

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