GW2K or Dell?

Vladislav S. Davidzon davidzon at
Sat Dec 6 12:10:03 EST 1997

> On the other hand, I have used an equal number of Compaq Prolineas as
> Dells and Gateways and consider them to be superior machines. As I say, if
> you can only choose between Dell and Gateway, go with Dell, the extra few
> bucks will be well spent. If you're not limited to those two
> manufacturers, I recommend you consider Compaq PCs. 

I've had very poor experiences with Compaq's.  My recommendation would be
Dell.  Their machines are very reliable, and they do have pretty good
support except for when it comes to backorders (which take approximately a
month to fill -- if you need a REALLY old part, which you normally

Gateways I've worked with in the past, they're pretty good as well, but
Dell would definitely be my recommendation.

Microns are another brand you may want to consider.  They're just as good
as Dells, except for the monitors.  The monitors are ADI which offer poor
refresh rates.


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