Web sites harvesting tools

Judith M. Prosser prosserj at wvlc.wvnet.edu
Sat Dec 6 09:42:57 EST 1997

Try Powermarks at http://www.kaylon.com.  This program allows one to 
store the address, all or as much of the page as one wants to 
highlight, perform word searches on those terms, and edit the files off 
line in a word processor.  The program picks up any URL's bookmarked in 
your browser each time it starts. Powermarks files can be exported for 
sharing with others in any format or order one wishes.  I have used it 
for over a year and found it the least complicated device for 
organizing bookmarks.

Judith Prosser
Head, Technical Services
Charleston, WV
prosserj at wvlc.wvnet.edu

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