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P. Michael McCulley mcculley at
Wed Nov 13 11:11:33 EST 1996

On Tue, 12 Nov 1996, Katharina Klemperer wrote:

> I am working on a project that requires doing quality control on a
> CDROM of thousands of tiff images.  We're going to want some kind of
> tiff viewer that allows us to page rather quickly through the images to
> inspect them.  It's almost more like a viewer with an incorporated
> navigator that I'm talking about, I think.  Everything I can think of
> requires one to open files individually, but I'd like to tell it a
> file name and then just keep telling it "next" "next" "next".  I'd
> also like it to list all the files in a folder and allow me to select
> the one I want to look at (and then click next, next, next...)
> Does anyone know of such a viewer?  (probably for Windows 3.1 or
> Windows 95, but I'd be interested in Mac viewers also)  Proprietary or
> public domain are both OK for us.
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> Katharina Klemperer
> Harvard University Library
> Kathy_Klemperer at
> 617-495-8596


The Paint Shop Pro program, the shareware version is 3.11 now I believe, 
has a built-in "browser" function you open separately that does much of 
what you are seeking. The program is on the Net I think as if 
you would like to try a copy.


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