hard disks formatted

Michael Huber mhuber1 at umbc.edu
Mon Nov 11 08:39:36 EST 1996

> For a FREE solution, download Flute (flute.zip in most major
> shareware depositories), a macro language that lets you hide windows
> like the program manager, explorer, start button, etc...

Does 'Flute' only run under '95, or will it work under 3.x as well?

>> On three different occasions we have found that a low level format
>> [...] We've taken the usual precautions so that a patron cannot RUN
>> a program from the Program Manager, write protected PROGMAN.INI,
>> disabled booting-up from Drive A:, etc.

Have you password protected BIOS access?  If not, it would be simple
matter to reenable booting from A:\.  Also, make 'switches=/n' the
first line of your config.sys, this will prevent users from using F5
or F8 to interrupt the boot process.

>> Has anyone else experienced this problem or have any ideas how to
>> stop this nonsense. I'd really like to collect some evidence and
>> prosecute perpetrator of this time wasting exercise.

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