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Dan Lester dlester at
Mon Nov 4 23:12:28 EST 1996

>>> Anne Callery <anne at> 11/04/96 11:03am
I don't know, but this might be a rather hasty judgment of the
journal,  considering that the first issue hasn't even come out
yet.  The upcoming  issue is supposed to contain an article
by a colleague and me on the  topic of how Yahoo! catalogs
the web.  If you've seen Yahoo!, you  probably know it's not
exactly Dewey.
I agree that Yahoo! isn't exactly DDC, but it has a lot of
common threads.  That is neither good nor bad in itself, and I
like the touch of Ranganathan in it as well.  

My complaint isn't with the cataloging of the net, because it
WILL get cataloged, or at least indexed, in a variety of ways,
some traditional and some in ways we've not even imagined
yet.  My complaint is with the folks at Haworth Press, wo
can come up with new journal titles as fast as sex purveyors
can come up with cute URLs.  Maybe there's even a
connection there.  Of course this journal isn't their "most far
out", and the subtitle even answers those who refer strictly to
Dewey and the olden days.  I still consider their title _Journal
of Australasian Serials Librarianship_ to be the least
necessary, unless it discloses some strange and weird
practices whereby the Australasian Serials Librarians file
their Kardex cards backwards and upside down.  Since we
can't possibly afford (and certainly don't have any indication
we need) such an exotic title, I can't attest to the "different"
articles this stunning journal includes.  I couldn't even ask for
a "free sample" with a clean conscience.  Of course if some
Haworth person around here sent me one, I'd gladly
apologize if my assessment of content is in error.


the old one eyed one


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