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Mon Nov 4 09:14:44 EST 1996


Well I noted plenty of online Magazines/newspapers/Wire-Services which 
solicit comments/editorials.  I am sure that once a GOOD letter was 
composed we could jointly find/post to many sources which may jump at the 
idea to write an objective article on the challenging/changing 
role/duties of today's electronic Librarian.  My writing skills are 
limited, but I would be willing to contribute bullet ideas and offer URLs 
for the postings.  Sounds like an Internet news worthy idea and those 
appear to get attention from lots of hungry services.

Bob Terry

If someone takes a short sharp cut, I think an electronic collaboration 
could easily follow.

On Fri, 1 Nov 1996, Frances D. Aley wrote:

> _Great_ idea--Where do we write?
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