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Our Software/WWW SBIG is available for public consumption without User 
Authentication at: .   It has approximately 
100 Collections and two types of searching mechanisms.  Feel free to open 
it up and drop a comment on you way if you are so moved.

Bob Terry

On Mon, 4 Nov 1996, Jon Knight wrote:

> On Fri, 1 Nov 1996, Tom Tipsword wrote:
> > When you think about how much time we spend seriously (!) discussing 
> > things like cataloging the Internet, it's no wonder that librarians have the sort 
> > of image that leads to stuff like the Packard Bell commercial which has been the 
> > cause of so much wailing and gnashing of teeth lately.   Seriously, have you 
> > ever heard anyone who wasn't a librarian demand that catalogers come in 
> > and straighten out this messy Internet thing?
> Yes I have; me.  I'm a computer scientist, not a librarian and I'm not
> alone.  Manual cataloguing of Internet resource has a number of features
> that make it a useful adjunct to the "vacuum cleaner" robot generated
> indexes such as Lycos and Alta Vista.  For one thing human's bring with
> them the ability to make value judgements of quality and the ability to
> assess the semantics of resources that machines currently find _very_
> difficult to do (its still hard for humans).  An manually generated
> catalogue of resources is never going to be as comprehensive as the robot
> generated indexes but then they don't have to be; many people just want to
> find the quality resources associated with their field of interest.
> To this end the UK Electronic Libraries programme has funded a number of
> Access to Network Resources (ANR) projects specialising in Subject Based
> Information Gateways (SBIGs).  The SBIGs make use of manual record entry
> and resource quality assessment in order to shift "the wheat from the
> chaff".  There are currently a number of operational SBIGs including ones
> for social sciences (SOSIG - <URL:>), medicine (OMNI
> - <URL:> and art and design (ADAM -
> <URL:>.  See <URL:> for
> more details of the Elib program and the other ANR projects.
> The Internet is a wild and wacky place and there is room for a number of
> different techniques for introducing some order into the proceedings to
> help people find information.  And finding information is what librarians
> are all about.
> Tatty bye,
> Jim'll
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