Unaffiliated users and library internet access

Johannes Stegmann stegmann at ukbf.fu-berlin.de
Thu Mar 21 04:49:15 EST 1996

On Wed, 20 Mar 1996, Susan Lee wrote:

> What the computer committee needs to know is how other academic libraries
> (particularly private) restrict or don't restrict internet access via
> CD-ROM LAN or OPAC.  Do you grant internet access to anyone who comes into
> the library?  What types of access are available?  Do you restrict access
> to affliated users? If you grant universal access, how do you keep kids
> from getting into things that could get you arrested. 

There is free internet access for all members of our university clinic 
including students who can use a computer pool whith chip-card controlled 
Our library is not yet fully connected but we hope that this will be the 
case in this year's summer. We do not plan any restriction with regard to 
internet use except in time (we will have only two public PC's in the 
It is very rare that children visit our library, and they would not be 
allowed to use the PC's anyway.

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