what is relationship with State Library?

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More about this in _Public Libraries_, Vol. 34, No. 3, May/June 1995, pp. 
152-56.  The article, by Carol Gilbert, is titled "InfoPeople: INternet 
FOr People; Connecting People through California's Libraries."

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On Mon, 11 Mar 1996, Carole Leita wrote:

> The one I know of is the InFoPeople Project. To quote from the lead 
> paragraph on the Project's home page at: http://library.berkeley.edu:8000/
> The InFoPeople Project provides points of public access to the Internet in
> public libraries throughout California. It is supported by a Federal
> Library Services and Construction Act grant, administered in California by
> the California State Library. The project is also supported by the
> University of California at Berkeley Library which maintains the
> InfoPeople gopher and Web servers. 
> Please come visit us! It's a great project!
> Carole
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