Workshop on GII for Asian Studies

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    Workshop on the Global Information Infrastructure for Asian Studies

                             Thursday, April 11, 1996  

                                       11:00 - 5:00

               Hilton Hawaiian Village, Honolulu, Hawaii 
                                    Tapa Tower, Tapa 3

This workshop is being held in conjunction with the Association for Asian
Studies annual meeting;  no special registration is required


Purpose:  This workshop brings together scholars and librarians engaged in
improving access to research resources for Asian Studies.  Particular
emphasis is given to cooperative projects, especially those involving
international collaboration.  An underlying focus of the workshop is to
explore how the Association for Asian Studies might become more involved in
the future, as a scholarly organization, in encouraging such efforts,
facilitating training in such work, or otherwise undertaking initiatives
regarding electronic resources.

First Session :11-12:30 am, Tapa 3  
"Electronic Resources and Information Services, Part 1"

Thomas H. Hahn (University of Heidelberg), Chair and Commentator

Lewis Lancaster (University of California, Berkeley), Electronic Buddhist
Text Initiative 
David Magier (Columbia University), South Asia Gopher and World Wide Web
Ichiko Morita (Library of Congress), Japan Documentation Center
Susan Whitfield (British Library), International Dunhuang Project


Second Session : 1:30-3 pm, Tapa 3

"Association of Research Libraries' Foreign Acquisitions Study and
Strategic Plan for Improving Access to Global Information Resources:
Implications for Asian Studies"

Dorothy Gregor (OCLC; National Coordinating Committee on Japanese Library
Resources), Chair and Commentator

Maureen Donovan (Ohio State University Libraries) and Jutta Reed-Scott
(Association of Research Libraries) (joint paper),  Overview and East
Asia-related issues
Judith Henchy (University of Washington), Southeast Asia-related issues
James Nye (University of Chicago) , South Asia-related issues


3:15-3:30  Announcements of Workshop-Related Booths in the AAS Exhibits Hall

-- Shiny Huang  and  Fang-hsueh Wang :  National Central Library (Booth

-- D'Ann Campbell and Maureen Donovan:  Asia Online, H-Net and NCC (Booth


Third Session : 3:30-5 pm, Tapa 3
"Electronic Resources and Information Services, Part 2"

Izumi Koide (International House of Japan) "Bridging Shores: The Changing
Role of the Area Studies Librarian"

Susan Prentice (Australian National University Library) "Australian
National University Library's Cooperation with the National Library of
China to Make Chinese Journal Tables of Contents Available on the World
Wide Web"

Han-gon Song (National Assembly Library), "The Current Status of the
Digital Library Program of the National Assembly Library (Korea)"

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