U.S. source for Hot Dog?

Wed Mar 27 08:00:07 EST 1996

          Hello, Hot Dog fans,

          Let me relate some of my experiences... we ordered two
          copies of Hot Dog Pro v.1  - after a week, we upgraded to v.
          2 but still had to pay upgrade costs, instead of being able
          to convert the order. We then placed a mass order (10
          copies) in an effort to get a better price (after many
          e-mail messages and faxes we did find out that we would
          get a 20% discount.  It took us forever to get everything
          together and the purchasing department here is still not too
          happy with the process.

          Last week, I received a Tiger Software Catalog in the mail
          and they are offering Hot Dog bundled with a couple of other
          smaller packages.  I am looking into this now, as we need
          more copies and since the Sausage software company is
          obviously overwhelmed by the response to their package... I
          am considering placing my next order with Tiger, once I make
          sure that it is what I want (the professional version).

          Once I know something, I will post to the board.

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