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Mon Mar 25 16:57:07 EST 1996

Digital Libraries: Setting Your Sites

Friday,  May 10, 1996
8:00am - 12:30pm
Raychem Corporation, Menlo Park, CA

A Professional Development Workshop sponsored by the San Andreas Chapter 
of the Special Libraries Association (SLA).  

Have you been reading a lot about Digital Libraries in both the news and 
library literature?  What's the difference between digital, virtual, and 
electronic libraries?  Do you want your library to be on the cutting edge 
of technology?  You can learn about the impacts and issues involved in 
digital libraries as well as the tools and technologies being applied to 
develop these components of the digitized world.  The speakers will 
address technical considerations, planning, budgeting and implementation 
issues, and copyright.
Presentations by:
    *  Cynthia Hill - Manager of the Library & Information Systems at Sun 
    *  David Levy - Researcher, Systems and Practices Laboratories at 
Xerox PARC 
    *  Robert Simons - General Counsel at Knight-Ridder Information, Inc. 

$30.00 for SLA members; $35.00 for non-members; $20.00 for students and 
those who are retired or between jobs.  

Registration must be done by mail.     
For details including registration form, a map, and directions, see the 
SLA/San Andreas Chapter Web site at:

For more info on this workshop contact:  cmerten at

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