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Mon Mar 25 16:23:53 EST 1996

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> Subject: listserv archives to web?
> Could somebody recommend a FREE program that can convert listserv
> archives to the web, so that the results can be browsed and 
> searched? I'll summarize if there is enough interest.

Chris Adams replied with a suggestion of the program "hypermail",
and also mentioned a program called "MHonArc".

I recently had occasion to make the same decision and came up with
the following list of differences between the two programs:

    MHonArc                    Hypermail
    -------                    ---------
    Perl                       C or Common Lisp
    Unix or DOS                Unix
    MH or Unix mailbox format  Unix mailbox format
    MIME support               No MIME support
Neither one has built-in support for a search index (although both can
be used with other search indexes).  Both permit incremental updates.

I ended up choosing MHonArc because of its MIME support.  In many
environments one may be as good as the other.

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