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Tue Mar 19 08:17:56 EST 1996

Last call for subscribers to the Licensing Journal and The IP Litigator.
Limited spaces are still available for Kent Press' two day CLE program in New
York City on March 27-28, 1996 on "The Basics of Licensing & Licensing Law"
and "The Basics of Intellectual Property Litigation."  These seminars are
sponsored by The Licensing Journal and The IP Litigator.  The programs are
specifically tailored for junior to mid-level associates at  intellectual
property law firms, paralegals, corporate counsel working (or intending to
work) in the fields, and general attorneys who are seeking a background in
the areas.  Non-subscribers are welcome on a space available basis.  For
additional information, contact Katie DeVito at The Licensing Journal (203)
358-0848 or by reply e-mail.  

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