SUMMARY: Photo CD Images

Dan Lester DLESTER at
Sat Mar 9 22:36:08 EST 1996

A couple of weeks ago I asked about software to
convert .pcd (Kodak Photo CD) images to other
formats, such as .jpg and .gif, for web pages.

I learned a lot, which I'll very briefly summarize
below, with profound thanks to the over two
dozen respondents.  

First, I mentioned a service bureau, and many
asked about it, as the quoted prices were lower
than most others.  

Lazerquick Images
Box 2210
27375 SW Parkway Avenue
Wilsonville, OR  97070

If you phone the 800 number, they'll send you
an envelope full of all you need to send in your
slides or prints for scanning.  Their costs are
(only listing standard prices, not rush, and not
ones where they adjust the color, etc. [besides I
can do that myself]):

9.95 for the disk itself
7.50 for shipping
0.69 per image

So, if you get 100 of the same format (either
prints or slides) converted to PCD, the cost will
be about $87.

There are other charges for all 

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sorts of custom work, production services, color
balancing, and so forth.  Check the brochure. 
But about $87 for the full CD seems great to me.
 Of course they include the standard five
resolutions for each image (from 128x192 to

Note: I've not yet sent my slides to them
(planning to do a web of family history with
slides from 50 years ago), so can't vouch for
quality, but a couple of reputable local folks
swear by them.  

Now the manipulation of them.  

Most recommended PhotoShop.
Some recommended PaintShopPro.
Some recommended GraphicsWorkshop.  
One recommended a DOS package (DISPLAY)
as the best of all.  
Others recommended JPEGView, GIFConverter,
Several recommended just displaying them with
the PhotoCD software and then grabbing the
screen with LView or HiJaak, an option so
simple I never thought of it.
ImageMagick was suggested for Unix users.
A Mac user recommended Apple Photo Access
(which apparently comes with 7.5).  Another
Mac user recommended DeBabelizer.

Thanks to all....


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