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Michael Gonsalves mgonsalv at
Wed Mar 6 15:11:15 EST 1996


I have also downloaded it.  It doesn't work real well.  I hoped I could 
take a finished document in Word, save it in HTML format, and have a 
ready-made web-page, but no such luck.  It translates some of the 
document correctly, but I still have to go in and manually code HTML to 
get the page to look right.  It does save me some time in that I don't 
have to do everything from scratch, but the HTML it outputs is far from 

I guess I should add that the documents I am converting are long and have 
complicated formatting.  It may work better for something simple.

I haven't found any on-line reference for it, but then I haven't looked 
very hard.

Good luck!

Mike Gonsalves
mgonsalv at or
mgonsalv at

On Wed, 6 Mar 1996, E. Holtsmark wrote:

> Web4Libbers,
> Does anyone out there in cyberspace use this tool, Internet Assistant for 
> Word?  I've downloaded it and am trying to figure it out.  Does anyone 
> know where free documentation is available?  The online Help is very limited.
> I appreciate your assistance.
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> Eva Holtsmark
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> The University of Iowa
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