recommendations for public webstation printers

Robert Cameron cameron at
Tue Mar 5 11:08:46 EST 1996

I haven't seen this discussed on web4lib before so I hope it is of 
general interest.  I'll be glad to summarize for the list if it seems 

We'd like to replace several of our older public printers with either 
ink jet or (inexpensive) laser printers but don't have a clue about which 
ones might be best for public use.  Any recommendations about good or bad 
printers would be appreciated.  Also, is anyone acquiring color 
printers for public use?  

Also, since we're moving from printing plain old text to the wonderful
world of graphical printing, is the assumption that we'll be using more
and more ink a valid one?  Our printing costs are already high enough but
with toner cartridges in the $20 - $30 range (as opposed to the $10 - $20
range of our good old ThinkJets) we anticipate increased supply costs.   
Any comments?


Robert Cameron
Loyola University Library (New Orleans)
cameron at

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