Outsourcing Advert

Marc Salomon marc at ckm.ucsf.edu
Tue Mar 5 10:28:50 EST 1996

Sherry Davids wrote:

|I would just like to add that I found the advertisement of interest.  Our
|library, faced with limited resources (both human and financial), is
|looking at different ways to code large numbers of documents.  It's
|helpful to know about alternatives. 

Few of us are swimming in surplus resources, and subcontracting is always
an option.  But if this advertisement is allowed to be posted, where does
the line get drawn?  

There are other forums for advertising, both on the net and in print, to which
we all have access.  Let's keep the for-profit content in its proper place,
and the jobs in our communities instead of "offshore" infosweatshops.


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