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Jane Ibl iblj at
Fri Feb 23 16:05:20 EST 1996

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As part of the data collection phase of work on my master's paper, I am 
compiling a list of archives and manuscript repositories in North 
Carolina that have Web sites and/or gopher sites.

I'm including academic, corporate, institutional, and government sites, 
as well as historical societies and museum collections.  I've found a 
relatively small number so far and I'm sure that there must be more out 
there that I haven't been able to locate.

If you can help, please send the URL of your site's home page or gopher 
to me at: iblj at  I would appreciate hearing about your 
experiences in creating a web site for your collection as well as the 
criteria that were used in its design.

Also, in searching for literature on archives and manuscript repositories 
that have made use of the Web and Internet, I've found very little.  Can 
anyone suggest some relevant articles on the subject (not necessarily 
limited to archives in North Carolina)

Thank you all for your assistance.

- Jane Ibl

School of Information and Library Science
University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
100 Manning Hall, CB #3360
Chapel Hill, NC  27514-3360

iblj at

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