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Feldman, Richard (CAM) Feldman at volpe3.dot.gov
Tue Feb 13 11:28:00 EST 1996

    I appreciate that the subject of the Decency provisions of the newly 
enacted U.S. Telecom bill and its implications is one that brings out strong 
opinions from many Web4Lib subscribers.  I think that freedom of information 
issues are ones where the library/information professions have traditionally 
taken a strong advocatory role, but this does not mean that to be a member in 
good standing of the profession one needs to have opinions that are in lock 
step with some profession-wide party line.  There are an infinite of 
gradations of viewpoint on the continuum between believing in total 
centralization of control over information and believing in total freedom.

    I would appreciate if the participants in this ongoing debate were a 
little more explicit in showing respect for the sometimes different opinions 
of their colleagues on such subjects as reconciling one's personal political 
stances with those of one's institution, or who should be taking 
responsibility for managing the tradeoff between freedom of access to 
information and the protection of minors.  I think that we as a profession 
would do well to treat one another as we would like to be treated so that, 
when we decide that we want to try to work together in the political arena, 
there is sufficient mutual trust for us to be able to be a meaningful force.

Richard Feldman
Volpe Center, U.S. D.O.T., Cambridge, MA USA
feldman at volpe3.dot.gov   PH: 617 494-2272    FX: 617 494-3125

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