Telecom Bill & Judicial Review

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I liked it but would probably do something with frames with the date part 
on the left or top and the information for that date in the larger frame on 
the right or bottom.


On Mon, 12 Feb 1996, David P Atkins wrote:

> Hello all,
> While the political expediency of the Telecom Bill opens up the 
> possibility for renewed infringements on the freedom of speech, the 
> judicial branch of the federal government will (fingers cross) have the 
> final say.  If the bill does lead to infringements, infringements 
> condoned by the Supreme Court, then a lot more than web pages will be black.
> This bill is not the end, but the beginning.  Fortunately, even with the 
> politicized Supreme Court, free speech has a better track record than 
> much legislation.
> On guard and living in a federal system,
> David
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