Netscape 3.0 Gold and netscape.ini

Kay McCoy mccoykay at
Fri Aug 2 16:41:51 EDT 1996

        I just downloaded Netscape 3.0 Gold on my Windows 95 PC.  It ignored
my existing netscape.ini file and no matter where I have put it, continues
to ignore it.   As a result, of course, I have "lost" all my preferences -
most noticably the helper applications. 

        I accepted the default location of "program
files\netscape\navigator";  setup then put the netscape.exe file in "program
files\netscape\navigator\program" .  I have put the ini file in
".....program", in ".....navigator", and in "windows"; none of these
locations worked.    

        I also tried the Start/Run/regedit feature as described in one of
the FAQs listed under help.  I found that slightly confusing, but won't go
into it here unless that turns out to be part of the solution.  As far as I
could see, it wasn't.

        Any help would be appreciated.  Please respond to me in person so as
not to clutter up the list with trivial technical detail!  :-)    Thanks.

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