Launching DOS apps under Netscape

Dave Binkley binkley at
Wed Dec 6 14:35:17 EST 1995

Now, that is a different approach.  My current avenue is to have the
application reside on the workstation (or on the Novell network that the
workstation is attached to) and download a file that simply calls the local
app.  It seems like you are suggesting downloading the actual application at
run time, which would be quite neat for many applications (though I guess
there is a security implication).  You'd have to then execute it somehow...

I posted a note to the list with my current solution.  As soon as we get out
from under around here I plan to fool with this some more.  


>Are you _sure_ about that?  I reasonably certain that you can return any
>valid MIME type by sending the appropriate message header.  You would just
>need to set document type to Content Type:  application/octet-stream.  This
>would let you return the executable file via the link.
>You might not need CGI at all...  for example, it is possible to launch a
>windows app just by setting the right helpers in the Netscape prefs.  Maybe
>you could create a pif that would return a dos shell session (command) with
>a command line parameter...although I must confess that I have never tried it.
>Let me know if you have any luck.
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