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Bill Crosbie crosbie at AESOP.RUTGERS.EDU
Wed Dec 6 10:02:46 EST 1995

>From: Sally Fagan - Davenport College, Holland <fagans at>
>On Mon, 4 Dec 1995, Bill Crosbie wrote:
>> So my question is - What is being done with this tool to assist people to
>> get to information today?  Is anyone putting together a set of web based
>> tools to teach people how to effectively search for information?  Are they
>> on-line and in "final" format?  Could you point me to the URL?
>> > 
>On the other hand, a magazine article about searching databases/services 
>once began, "How many times has someone told you there's an 
>incredible amount of great information on the net, but that he or she can't 
>find any of it?"

But that is exactly my point... Is anyone using the Web to teach people that
there are _other_ places to find information.  If you note my inital
statement does not say anything about finding that information on the web. :-)  

(Ah, pretty crafty of the little black duck...)  give yourself 2 pts if you
can name the reference.  5 pts if you can name the director.  ;-)
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