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I find this list useful.  As a web master in a small rural library I have
little time to participate in discussion, but monitor closely what others
are discussing and doing.  It keeps me informed and lets me know what is

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On Fri, May 6, 2016 at 11:29 PM, Roy Tennant <roytennant at> wrote:

> Dear Subscribers,
> The University of Notre Dame, through the very kind broker Eric Lease
> Morgan, has hosted Web4Lib for a number of years. I am very, very grateful
> for their support.
> I have now been informed that all UND lists will be migrated to Google
> Groups or shutdown. Thus, I must decide to either migrate the list to
> Google Groups, find another hosting situation, or shut it down.
> I am considering whether to shut it down. I want to make it clear that
> although the question has been called due to the need to make a hosting
> decision, I do not feel in any way that the University of Notre Dame is
> shutting us down -- they are not.
> However, I think is a good time to consider whether the list is worth
> continuing. Although I feel like a list that is for discussing web issues
> in a library context is still potentially important, the list archive
> proves otherwise. What we find are a litany of announcements but very
> little actual discussion.
> So we must decide, as a group, what to do. Does this list provide value?
> Do you want it to continue in Google Groups? To find out what you want,
> I've created a poll:
> Please let me know what you all think. Thanks,
> Roy Tennant
> Owner, Web4Lib
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