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sandra rotenberg srotenberg at GMAIL.COM
Thu May 5 16:35:41 EDT 2016

Hi, first, please excuse the duplication. Second I want to encourage you to
apply for work at Solano College. We are a small-medium sized college in
Solano County, CA.

We have an excellent Information Competency course that has over 41
sections/semester and at least half of those sections need to be taught by
adjunct librarians. We also need faculty librarians to staff our reference
desks this fall and beyond, we had two retirements this summer and some of
our part-time faculty got full-time work somewhere else...

​All of the details, and the application, can be found at the link below.
You can apply for reference hours or for instruction, or both. Please feel
free to email me back if you have any questions, and thanks for your
Sandy Rotenberg


*Sandy Smith Rotenberg*


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