veraPDF 0.16 released with full support for all PDF/A parts and conformance levels

Becky McGuinness becky at OPENPRESERVATION.ORG
Fri Jun 3 09:32:34 EDT 2016

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The latest version of veraPDF features full support of all PDF/A-2 and
PDF/A-3 requirements (all levels). Together with earlier support of PDF/A-1
validation, it represents the first full support for all PDF/A parts and
conformance levels.



   Conformance checker


      validation of digital signature requirements

      extraction of color space info from JPEG2000 images

      validation of permissions dictionary

      PDF/A-2B fix: correct implementation of CIDSystemInfo entry

      command line support for plugin execution to extend feature extraction

   veraPDF characterisation plugins

      first set of example pure java plugins available

      optional sample plugin pack available through installer

Test corpus:


   112 new atomic test files for parts 2 and 3


   - support for all parts and conformance levels at

*Download veraPDF 0.16:*

*Release notes:*

veraPDF is building the definitive, open source PDF/A validator. The
project benefits from a high level of development resource and PDF/A
expertise. Please support our efforts by downloading and testing the
software. If you encounter problems, or wish to suggest improvements,
please add them to the project’s GitHub issue tracker
<>. You can expect a
speedy response. Your feedback is very important, it helps to improve the

Keep up to date with the latest developments of veraPDF by subscribing to
the veraPDF consortium’s newsletter <>.

*About veraPDF*

Led by the Open Preservation Foundation <> and
the PDF Association <>, the veraPDF consortium is
developing the definitive open source, file-format validator for all parts
and conformance levels of ISO 19005 (PDF/A). The software is designed to
meet the needs of memory institutions responsible for preserving digital
content for the long term.

The veraPDF consortium is funded by the PREFORMA
<> project. PREFORMA (PREservation FORMAts
for culture information/e-archives) is a Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP)
project co-funded by the European Commission under its FP7-ICT Programme.

Becky McGuinness | Community Manager
@openpreserve | Skype: becky.mcguinness1

*Open Preservation Foundation*
* <>*

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