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Dear Customer,

As of today, the Springer Nature 2017 Journal Subscription Prices are available on http://www.springer.com/us/librarians/journal-price-list

New titles and transferring journals

There are 8 transfer journals newly added to this 2017 Price List.

Please visit springer.com/us/librarians/transfer-titles   for an overview of all Springer transfer titles. Additional transfer titles will be posted to the Transfer titles page and announced in our serials updates.

Nature Research is launching 5 new journals in 2017

Nature Astronomy - http://www.nature.com/natastron/ Nature Biomedical Engineering - http://www.nature.com/natbiomedeng/

Nature Ecology & Evolution - http://www.nature.com/natecolevol/

Nature Human Behaviour - http://www.nature.com/nathumbehav/

Nature Reviews Chemistry - http://www.nature.com/natrevchem/

Springer is launching 19 new journals

Springer is also launching 19 new journals, including new titles from BioMed Central and SpringerOpen. You can find them marked 'New start 2017' in the price list and on springer.com/us/librarians/new-starts.

Most of our journals are available in both print and electronic formats. You can find the availability of all journals clearly identified on the Journals Price List.

Consortium rates

Please note that many subscriptions are negotiated through academic consortia and/or corporate license agreements. Customers under institutional license agreements with Springer Nature will likely qualify for customized prices, so please contact our sales staff for consortium pricing: springer.com/us/librarians/contact-us.

Springer Nature eProducts

For 2017 pricing of all our electronic products, including journals, ebooks and databases, please contact one of our licensing managers directly or send your inquiry to libraryrelations at springer.com<mailto:libraryrelations at springer.com>.


Library Relations


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