PASIG (Preservation and Archiving Special Interest Group) meeting -- 9-11 March 2016 in Prague

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Registration is open for the next PASIG (Preservation and Archiving Special Interest Group) event, March 9-11, at the Czech National Library of Technology in Prague. Note that the attendee cost is 200€ until the end of January and 250€ February 1 on. To view the agenda and register, go to A list of local hotels is available on the website.

This is a great opportunity for organizations setting up preservation repositories to collaborate and work directly with leaders in the field. PASIG focuses on 1) addressing practical preservation questions, 2) hearing about best practices and new technologies from global experts, 3) investigating the convergence of on-premise architectures and the Cloud, 4) how to set up, initiate, and audit the metrics of a preservation project, 5) key global project updates, and 6) solution provider and end customer collaboration. PASIG is a highly collaborative and interactive forum and generally attracts a large contingent of new participants.

Sessions will include:

Digital Preservation Bootcamp
Training in concepts, issues, tools, strategies & approaches for Digital Preservation and Archiving, designed as an introduction for those new to the field, or a refresher for longer term practitioners.

Open Preservation Foundation (OPF) Workshop: veraPDF
Definitive, open source PDF/A validation for digital preservationists

Long-term Preservation Hardware & Systems
Presentations from and discussions with industry experts on the architectures, technology, and commercial trends relevant to the design of long-term and large-scale storage.

PKX: Practitioners Knowledge Exchange
Case studies in Preservation & Archiving architectures and operations from institutions in many fields.

Lightning Talks
A mix of prepared and spontaneous 5-minute presentations on work in progress, compelling breakthroughs or burning issues from the PASIG Community (archives & industry; practitioners and thought-leaders).

The Frontiers of Preservation
Discussions on the recent developments and challenges facing those who are tackling new challenges in digital preservation.

Industry Forum: Highlights from Solution Providers & Vendors
Industry experts and technology providers give overviews their systems, services and vision for the future of preservation and archiving, followed by a panel discussion on select topics.

Digital Preservation Community Developments
The digital preservation community is advancing across a broad front. This session will provide an opportunity on updates from some of the most important organizations, initiatives and and consortial efforts across the globe.

Hardening Existing Systems with Preservation Capabilities
While some sites have dedicated systems for digital archiving, many others have existing digital asset management systems and workflows, and are seeking how to make these more archive-worthy. This session will explore how different sites are maximizing their existing systems to maximize their preservation functions.

We would like to thank both the committee members and sponsors: Arkivum, Cray, The Digital Preservation Network, Ex Libris, Oracle, Preservica, P&A Consult, and T-Systems.

Participating/attending organizations as of January 16 include:

  *   Arkivum
  *   AVPreserve
  *   Bibliotheca Alexandrina
  *   Bibliotheque nationale de France
  *   Charles U., Prague
  *   CSC Finland
  *   Czech Library of the Academy of Sciences
  *   Czech National Library of Technology
  *   Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC)
  *   Digital Preservation Network (DPN)
  *   Ex Libris
  *   German National Library of Science and Technology
  *   FernUniversitaet in Hagen
  *   FIZ Karlsruhe
  *   King's College London
  *   LOCKSS
  *   Masaryk U.
  *   Moravska Zemska Knihovna
  *   Moravian Library
  *   Museum of Modern Art
  *   Open Preservation Foundation
  *   Oracle
  *   Oxford U.
  *   P&A Consult
  *   Preservica
  *   Princeton U.
  *   Qatar National Library
  *   Slovak Center of Scientific and Technical Information
  *   Slovak Chemistry Library
  *   Stanford U.
  *   T-Systems
  *   Tamco
  *   UC San Diego
  *   U. Freiburg
  *   U. Hull
  *   U. Oklahoma


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