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*DC-2016 Metadata Summit*
I*nternational Conference & Annual Meeting*

*Copenhagen, Denmark, | 13-16 October 2016*
*Collocated with the ASIS&T Annual Meeting*


*:: Conference Website:*
*:: Full Call: *

*The Metadata Summit* in Copenhagen launches DCMI's 3rd decade and provides
a forum for looking forward to new challenges and backward at challenges
met and challenges unresolved. Every year the DCMI community gathers for
both its *Annual Meeting* and its *International Conference on Dublin Core
& Metadata Applications*. The work agenda of the DCMI community is broad
and inclusive of all aspects of innovation in metadata design,
implementation, and best practices. While the work of the Initiative
progresses throughout the year, the *Conference* and *Annual Meeting* provide
the opportunity for DCMI "citizens" as well as newcomers, students,
apprentices, and early career professionals to gather face-to-face to share
knowledge and experience.

The Summit in Copenhagen will provide for public- and private-sector
initiatives beyond DCMI that are doing significant metadata work with the
opportunity to come together, to compare notes, and to cast a broader light
into their particular metadata work silos. Through such a gathering of the
metadata communities, DCMI advances its "first goal" of promoting metadata
interoperability and harmonization.

*Technical Program Submissions:*
The Technical Program includes peer-reviewed Papers, Project Reports, and
Posters. Submission to the Technical Program will span metadata research,
design, and application as a critical core value of effective information
systems across domains -- science, humanities, business, government,
cultural memory, and the professions. It will explore the domain-crossing
intersections of metadata lifecycle documentation, publication, and
management. Submissions are welcome that address the challenges of emergent
areas of metadata interest including big data and big and smart metadata.
The submissions to the Technical Program will be reviewed by an
international panel of experts.

*Submission Deadline:* 13 May 2016
*Author Notification: *22 July 2016
*Final Copy: *2 September 2016

*Professional Program Submissions:*
The Professional Program is key to DCMI's education and training objective
and includes *Tutorials*, *Workshops*, *Special Sessions*, and *Best
Practice Posters & Demonstrations*. Submissions are reviewed by the *Conference
Committee* in consultation with the *DCMI Education Committee*. Selections
for the *Tutorial*, *Workshops*, and *Special Sessions* will be  based on:
(a) the *immediacy* of the submission to current education and training
needs of metadata designers, implementers, and practitioners; and (b) the
*potential* of the submission to advance innovation in both the discourse
and best practice of metadata. *Best Practice Posters & Demonstrations* is
a non-peer reviewed track that encourages metadata practitioners in memory
institutions, galleries, government and the private sector to showcase work
demonstrating innovative approaches to metadata best practices. Selections
are based on whether a work presents challenging problems in context; and,
whether the authors and conference delegates can benefit from poster
session interactions.

*Special & Panel Sessions, Workshops, and Tutorials*
*    Proposal Deadline:* 15 March 2016
*    Author Notification:* 15 April 2016

*Best Practice Posters & Demonstration*
*    Submission Deadline:* 15 July 2016
*    Author Notification:* 29 July 2016

Stuart Sutton
DCMI Managing Director
  DCMI is a project of ASIS&T
  8555 16th Street, Suite 850,
  Silver Spring, Maryland 20910


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