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valerie colston artprofessor at GMAIL.COM
Wed Feb 24 14:28:30 EST 2016

Librarians are often asked to communicate or speak a visual language
through flyers, displays, posters. reading incentives, bulletin boards,
blogs, signage, training graphics and more. The Graphic Design Designed for
Librarians workshop shares the rules and tools for making graphic design
challenges not only possible but fun. It's an opportunity to network and
share ideas with others who are involved in the same interests. No prior
art experience is needed or required to learn simple skills and guidelines
for making those graphic design tasks easier and more effective. Ignite
your creative spark in a safe environment while learning basic art and
design skills. Librarians will explore resources, create hands on projects,
build a portfolio for future projects, and see real life examples of what
others are doing.


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