How to Create an Adult Coloring Program, Club or Event @ Your Library

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Join other librarians who have completed the 4 week online workshop.

For more information and to enroll visit

This is a good workshop for those offering Tweens and Teen Coloring Book
Programming also.

Enroll Today:  Starts February 15, 2016  Enrollments accepted through
February 22, the first week of class.

They are doing it all over America, England and France.  Bookstores
customers are doing it. Library patrons are doing it in droves. Join the
fun today!

The “it” is Coloring, Adult Coloring is all the craze, a new phenomenon
that provides fun, relaxation and some even say stress relief to its
participants. How to locate quality Fine Art coloring sheets, themes that
illustrate popular novels, beautiful Japanese art, inspirational coloring
sheets, fashion, manga and more are just a few of the coloring pages that
will be introduced. You will find out where to locate the best free
resources, quality books and apps in this 4 week workshop. You will even
learn how to create your own coloring sheets from photos and teach your

This 4 week workshop will show you how to create and find resources for
creating your own Adult Coloring programs at your library. We will look at
how others have created successful programs, where to find the best
resources, and even how to create your own Coloring sheets from a variety
of sources.

We will look at the materials that you will need and the ways to create an
exciting program that your patrons will enjoy. Gain confidence.

*When asked what was the most helpful information participants said:*

*Locations and links to the free coloring pages, the tips & tutorials on
choosing colors and blending techniques, the videos on creating the
personalized coloring pages. My participants have loved knowing this is

*The color generator was nice information to share with the crowd. They
also loved the fact we can now turn personal images into coloring page-like

*The most helpful information was how to find free and inexpensive coloring
pages. I took this information and found all the coloring pages for our
upcoming coloring programs. It's great to find resources to help us provide
high-quality programs for very little.*

*I have been looking forward to having an adult coloring class before I
took your workshop. I myself have been coloring for a while now and had
wanted to offer it at the library. So your workshop came about at just the
right time for me. And you have helped me so much to get ready for my
program. Thank you.*

For more information and to enroll visit



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