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As far as being a mid-sized to large public library, we serve a population
of about 52,000, wherever that places us.

I head the IT Dept and have two people reporting to me.  In addition to
supporting our technology infrastructure and staff & patrons, we're also
responsible for our website which is hosted in-house.  One of the guys on
my staff learned WordPress, and he handled the design of our new site while
I handled the server configuration.  While we don't have any marketing
staff, our director provides great direction in that regard, as he's always
sending us examples of what he considers very well-designed websites and
making his druthers known.  Thinking about it, everyone on staff here is
encouraged to market the library and our services, even if only in an
implicit way.

As for content, children and adult library staff are tasked with writing
blog posts, and our publicity librarian vets them.  As for policies, when
necessary, staff will work on revisions but they always go before the Board
of Trustees for approval.

John Lolis
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> Hi folks –
> Just checking in to ask, in mid-sized to large public libraries, are your
> web staff aligned more, and are they from a marketing background, or are
> they more library services, librarians, etc.?
> We currently have a Librarian 2 coordinating content for our LibGuides,
> and as our web tech expert, but our Marketing staff pretty much have final
> say over everything else, and write text for all policy pages and service
> pages, as well as design.  Marketing also handles all the social media
> posting, in which I know many of our librarians would like to get involved.
> Thanks!
> -Margaret
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