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Hello Rachel,

It depends on whether the policies and procedures are public documents 
for a public library.  I would then recommend the typical [About Us > 
Policies and Procedures]  though placing them with board minutes is 
common too.

You might be able to by by pass the colleagues and managers road blocks 
by asking the director to pose the question to the board as a legal 
issue.  Is the library required to make them available? Thus where is 
your only issue.  Policies are set by the board and as such, should be 
in the minutes of board meetings.  You are only making access to them 
easier.  It might help to think you are a conduit for the board/director 
and only doing what you required to do.

In general policies are library "rules" and as such are very helpful to 
have available to your patrons.  The procedures are more internal 
operational guidelines and probably do not have a place on the website 
for public consumption.

If you are a private special library, then where/if they go on the 
website is entirely up to the supervising librarian.

Best of luck. 2cents.

On 04/20/2016 09:20 AM, Rachel Vidrine wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to decide the best way to balance a user-focused "About 
> the Library" page with a Policies page on a library website. Should 
> there be two separate pages, one user-focused that addresses common 
> patron questions, and another, more formal document written as a 
> policies manual? Is there a way to combine the two? Or is it more 
> typical to keep a policies/procedures manual as an internal document 
> that staff can refer to when needed? It is of my opinion that the 
> important information that patrons want should be extracted from the 
> policies manual and rewritten to be user-friendly, but it is not 
> always possible to get colleagues and managers on board with that.
> Thanks for any insight,
> Rachel Vidrine
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