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Christian Pietsch chr.pietsch+web4lib at GOOGLEMAIL.COM
Wed Sep 16 14:46:11 EDT 2015

Hi John,

if you want a straight replacement for Dropbox, go for Seafile: (free download, open source).
It looks and feels like Dropbox, and runs smoothly even on a first
generation Raspberry Pi. Which cannot be said for OwnCloud which I
tried before that. OwnClound suffers from a severe case of featuritis
trying to be everything to everyone.


On Wed, Sep 16, 2015 at 11:34:25AM -0400, Lolis, John wrote:
> In our teen space the librarians have been using DropBox on the service
> desk computer and the public access computers and laptops.  I have nothing
> against DropBox, but I am against having the network's bandwidth getting
> eaten up when someone decides to copy a video file to the DropBox folder.
> So I'm looking for a self-hosted alternative to DropBox, one that could be
> accessed by anyone on the private, wired network as well as by those on our
> public wireless network (with restricted access, of course).  It would also
> be great if there's iOS and Android support.
> So far, I found this which seems the most promising:
> Does anyone out there have any experience with it or have other solutions

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