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Shedd, Julie JShedd at LIBRARY.MSSTATE.EDU
Thu Oct 8 09:32:13 EDT 2015

Hi everyone -

I am a new digital initiatives librarian. Before that I was basically a UX specialist for 8 years.

One part of my new duties is to help get DSpace running, customized, and filled. We have been trying off and on since April and are having an awful time on all counts. This is really my introduction to working with anything command-line or any coding past HTML, CSS, and very basic PHP.

What I really need is a super-easy breakdown of DSpace, or someone who can help me answer questions in a very simple manner. (I promise I'm not dumb - this is just new to me and until I have that "eureka" moment I need a little help.) Does anyone know if such a resource exists? I'm trying to work with the official documentation and post questions on the mailing list and StackOverflow, but our timeframe is very tight and my comprehension level is...not very high right now. Googling my issues is problematic at best.

We're running DSpace locally in a Windows environment. I'm able to make changes and successfully rebuild, but when I try to update ant the site 404s. I can go into more detail with anyone who thinks they can help.

Any insight will be appreciated.

Julie D. Shedd
Digital Initiatives Librarian, Mississippi State University Libraries
(662) 325-0300 | jshedd at<mailto:jshedd at>


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