Recruiting and Retaining Library Staff - survey closing soon

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A quick note to add that we are interested in feedback from all types of libraries – if you are public library IT, we would especially like to hear from you as #PubLibIT is under-represented in our preliminary data.


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Survey closes after November 30th! This is your last chance to voice your opinions about working in library IT.

Dear Library Technology Professional,

Would you like to participate in research that may help make library workplaces more pleasant and rewarding?  We are writing to invite you to participate in a research study that aims to identify factors associated with recruiting and retaining IT staff in libraries in the United States and Canada.  We want to know which factors-and types of factors-are most likely to attract you to a library IT job and encourage you to stay at a library IT job.  There are no direct benefits to you, but we hope this information will help library and other leaders to create workplaces that are more attractive to library IT personnel.

You must be over age 18 and currently employed in a library IT-related position in the United States or Canada in order to participate in this study.   If you consent to participate, you will be asked to complete an online survey, which should take about 15-20 minutes to complete.
This research is being conducted under the direction of Janet Crum, Northern Arizona University, Cline Library.

To provide consent and participate in the survey, please visit

To thank you for your time, you will be given the opportunity to enter a drawing for a $50 gift card:

  1.  Participation in the research study is not required to enter the drawing;
  2.  Entries are limited to one entry per person -subjects under age 18 must have written consent from a parent or lawful guardian; and
  3.  Participation is void where prohibited by law
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