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Hi Jennifer and Sara,

At our library we moved to a solution sold by trafsys, specifically we use the Omni Counter.   I am sure there are different options available but this is the one we went with.   We purchased the additional equipment to be able to view our stats over the web and you can download them as well.  You can equip multiple doors and view them all from your desk.  This is just what we are using so I am not promoting this solution.  The customer service has been pretty good when we have had any issues.


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Just to give an idea, we have used at least to options throughout the years.   Currently we are employing our 3M gates to give us a number for each day.  This is indicated on the readout on the gate(s) themselves.  We have two gates.  Each evening at close, we manually check the number, right it down, subtract from the previous day.   One of our staff members keeps these in an excel spreadsheet and we have a tally for the year / month / semester / etc.

In the past we have used another form of gate counter - one that you can readily buy at various places.  It is just a beam from a box with a counter on one side of your doorway and a reflective strip or button on the other side.  Needs electricity to run but we employed this in another building where we only had one door in and out of our building.  Still had to check the count each evening and keep a manual record, but it worked fine.

How do others do this??  Just curious.

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This may be a little off-topic for this list, but I'm not sure where else to make this inquiry.

We need to replace the software and equipment that we use to collect gate counts - people entering the library buildings.     If you collect this information, how are you doing this?    The software and equipment that we use is no longer supported and the vendor has gone out of business.    I'm trying to find other options that we can investigate.

If you know of other lists that might be able to help with this question, please let me know.

Thanks, Sara
Sara Brownmiller
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