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Amy Vecchione amyvecchione at BOISESTATE.EDU
Tue May 19 12:37:49 EDT 2015


I have a few questions, and I've done some investigating, but am hoping to
hear from your group wisdom on this topic.

I am looking for standards that apply to the parts of library work that
cover emerging tech, web sites, maker stuff, and/or user experience.

I have looked at the ACRL standards for academic libraries, and think that
I might just apply those, but not all of the performance indicators relate
to my work:

I don't think this exists, but I'm wondering if maybe you all use standards
from some other area.

Other standards that relate that I'm considering as benchmarks:
accessibility like WCAG, the user experience checklist in this book:

My goal in securing a set of standards is so that I can indicate what
percentages of questions are coming up every semester or every year in an
annual report to show how needs and interests fluctuate.

Thanks in advance for considering this request, and apologies for cross


Amy Vecchione, Digital Access Librarian/Associate Professor
Albertsons Library, Boise State University, L212
(208) 426-1625


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