password protected ebook access

Paul Dyer webmaster at HALIFAXLIBRARY.ORG
Thu Mar 12 17:08:34 EDT 2015

You could try including the username and password in a link to the server. It would be trivial for anyone to retrieve that information, but you would be able to change it at any time without the need to pass the new credentials along to every single patron.  You could also use geolocation, limiting access to IPs within your service area, but patrons traveling or using an ISP located outside that area would be locked out.

I'm going to have to echo the sentiment of the other posters.  If you could be subject to fees, penalties, or even litigation if non-members gain access to your e-resources, a universal password is A Very Bad Idea.  I would ask your customer service rep at Overdrive or SyrsiDynix if they have a way to handle the authentication of patrons and then redirect them to the content your server.


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