Job opening: Digital Experience Manager at JCPL, Colo.

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 Public Services Manager - Digital Experience
Jefferson County Public Library, Colorado
*Do you Drupal?*

Under the direction of the Director of Public Services, the Digital
Experience Manager is responsible for developing, managing and maintaining
the internal and external websites of the Jefferson County Library and the
Jefferson County Library Foundation. This Manager will be a leader in
achieving the Library’s mission in the medium of the Web by planning,
implementing, and leveraging system resources to their fullest potential.

Being a Public Services Manager at JCPL means being a leader – a forward
thinker who is passionate about providing public library service in our
community. It also means being up-to-date on current trends in the
profession and being an advocate for libraries and for a new kind of patron
experience. A Public Services Manager at JCPL has broad discretion to hire,
assign, train, manage and supervise staff including coaching to best
practices; is accountable for budget planning and expenditures and
routinely makes decisions on policy enforcement.

Essential Duties for this position include:

   - Experiments with new ways of efficiently providing consistent quality
   service in public libraries, particularly in the areas of web application
   development, content creation, coordination and curation, user interface
   design, systems integration, optimization techniques, web analytics,
   usability, and information architecture.
   - Develops Web-based experiences with the Drupal content management
   system, ensuring close integration with JCPL’s integrated library system,
   discovery layer, events management software and other systems.
   - Manages the digital experience team; oversees strategic initiative
   projects; monitors trends; resolves problems; works with vendors.
   - Collaborates with internal and external content mangers, editors,
   designers, developers, and other JCPL staff to ensure digital experiences
   meet patron and staff needs and industry standards.
   - Collaborates with library leadership to craft and align digital
   content and brand strategy.
   - Uses established industry benchmarks to determine gaps in service
   provision, quality, and effectiveness of the JCPL digital experience.
   - Develops metrics, performance measurement and goal setting for JCPL’s
   various digital experiences.
   - Serves as a member of the Public Services Management Team to develop
   overall strategy, tactical objectives, and short and long-term planning for
   deployment of resources.
   - Works in direct public contact 4-8 hours per month.

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