Cites & Insights 15.5 (May 2015) available

Walt Crawford waltcrawford at GMAIL.COM
Mon Apr 6 11:07:52 EDT 2015

The May 2015 Cites & Insights (15:5) is now available for downloading

The 2-column print-oriented version is 24 pages long.

If you’re reading it online or on an e-reader (tablet, etc.), or if
you want working links, you may prefer the one-column 6×9″ version (46
pages long), available at

This issue includes:

The Front: The Open Access Landscape  pp. 1-3

Notes on the series of blog posts that began in early March 2015 and
will continue through either mid-September or mid-November; the
potential book that would combine those posts and add new material;
and the possibility of a five-year longitudinal study of the state of
gold OA (2011-2015) in 2016, if funding becomes available.

Libraries: FriendFeed, Going. LSW, Not.  pp. 3-10

An elegy (of sorts) for FriendFeed, scheduled to disappear on April 9
(unless Facebook listens to InfoWorld and others and lets it keep
going)–and to the Library Society of the World, which in its own
informal way has meant so much to me and many others.

Social Networks: Slightly More Than 140 Characters Words Sentences
Paragraphs About Twitter  pp. 10-19

A possibly-amusing set of mostly-old musings by others about Twitter’s
inevitable decline and fall, certainly gone by now, and the decline of
Western civilization–also why it’s nothing but a note-taking system
and the need for balance.

The Back  pp. 19-24

Ten brief (and some not-so-brief) rants and amusements.


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